Update on Tuesday, October 09th, 2018

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Update on Tuesday, October 09th, 2018

Postby Eddard » 5. Oct 2018, 17:18

Dear players,

on Tuesday, October 09th, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. we will introduce the following update for you:
- Bugfix: In the tutorial an arrow was wrong, it is correct now.
- Bugfix: Some players sometimes got announcements twice. This has been fixed.
- Bugfix: For some players it happened that the announcements were displayed before the player messages. This has also been fixed.
- Bugfix: If you visited friends via an Ipad, you always had to tap the plant twice to spread the clover. This is fixed and you only have to click on the plant once.
- Bugfix: Facebook-Magoia players couldn't leave their clan because they don't have a password. That's fixed and they get a different security prompt.

There are improvements since the update:
Starting with the update, there is an icon for tree healing when a tree is infested by a player in the clan. As soon as you have helped, the icon disappears again. The next tree of a clan member that is infested will of course come back immediately. So it's only there when you can help. (This will make it easier to help each other in a clan when healing trees, in order to reduce the energy costs for yourself. Still it remains that the clan is the biggest energy reduction for tree healing for the individual players. So in order to not spend more than 800 to 1000 energy when healing trees, it is necessary to wait for the help of the clan, which has now been simplified).
- When you heal a tree, the amount of energy you have to spend to change plants remains at 100. The tree healing will therefore be cheaper for players with more tree points.

Best Regards,
Your Magoia Team
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