Update on October 15th 2020

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13. Oct 2020, 21:31

Dear players,

on thursday we will bring an update for you! Look forward to many small improvements and bugfixes.

- From now on, if you have healed your tree in the first chance, you can decide which color you want your tree to have!
- If you have folded the friends bar, you can still see how many friends bands you have from Thursday on.
- Until now, if you want to go into your own garden while your sitting, you have to click on "End substitution", although you don't want to end the substitution but only go back into your own garden. This text is now changed and it is clear that you do not end the substitution completely.

Bug fixes:
- In the tree garden, one could still clover locked trees. This is now fixed.
- A few small graphical errors were fixed.

Best regards,
Your Magoia Team
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