Clan Event Improvements II

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20. Feb 2021, 11:12

Dear players,

before the new clan event starts, we fulfill a few wishes for you! :) Therefore we will install an update on Saturday, 20.2.2021.

The following will be additionally changed until the clan event:

- There are no longer only 20 levels! You can play 40 levels from now on.
- The XP increase of the levels is not so steep anymore, because there are more levels now.
- A medal will appear in front of the clan name in the clan leaderboard after the clan event. The medal shows which is the highest level you have reached in the clan event. If you have completed less than 6 levels, you will not get a medal.
- The clan description will now include how many times the clan has completed which level.
- When you speed up plants, potions, powders or herbs with element points, you will now see directly in the overview a time indication, how long they currently last and how much a click on the button will speed up.
- If you are offline for a longer period of time and then you complete a level in the clan event, from this point on you will only get the 12 happiness points credited when you go to the clan garden. This means you will still get the happy makers that have accumulated in the time. Up to now, you didn't get any new luck makers because the limit of 12 was already reached by the completed level.
- The pop-up that you used to get after each completed level and at the end of the clan event has been redesigned. It is now clearer and much more information is displayed. For example, at the end of the clan event, it shows how much the respective clan contributed in total percentage during the clan event. And every level and at the end the player highscore will be displayed, so you can see which player has contributed the most.

We hope you like the changes and we are looking forward to your feedback!

Best regards and have a great Clan Event,
Your Magoia Team
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