Update on September, 23rd

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21. Sep 2021, 22:22

Dear players,

We will be rolling out an update on Thursday, September 23. There will be two new things in the update:

1. the new merge feature!
2. many improvements and new features for the new fall season!

Merge Feature
From Thursday you will find the Warden Portal at the bottom right of the waterfall. If you click on it, you will get through the portal into another world, where you have to merge items to create better items. Here you also get tasks. When you give certain items, you get Warden points and nature lights.

Nature Lights
The nature lights you need first of all for the Volcanic Rocks. You also need nature lights to unlock the volcano garden.

Volcano garden
Once you've managed to unlock the Volcano Garden, you can plant your plants here normally. However, there is a lot of volcanic rock that needs to be cleared away. To clear it away you will need natural lights again.
You can level up the volcano garden with nature lights. This works like the other gardens, that you upgrade the garden to a new era. In the new era, the volcanic rock is back, but you also get +1 yield.

A more detailed FAQ on the merge feature will follow!

Improvements to the Season Pass
- There is now a new monthly task Distribute Happiness in the Clan Event.
- The task Feeding Dragons, can only come at most every 3 days from now on!
- The tasks Feeding Dragons and letting Dragons fly have been made easier.
- The weekly and monthly task Donate in the Ancestral Grove has been made easier.
- The Brewing task has been changed so that you no longer have to brew 5 potions but brew for 5 hours. Which potion you brew then, or which herb you dry doesn't matter. It is now only about the time you brew, dry or grind.
- The task planting plants was also changed. From now on, you only have to collect XP while harvesting plants and no longer have to harvest certain plants to complete the task. The task is then for example: Collect 10 k XP while harvesting plants.
- There is a new task: Complete XX tasks at the volcano Warden.
- The monthly tasks that are impossible to complete in the last month such as Lunar Event, Garden Championship, etc, will now not come in the last month.
- From now on, the same tasks cannot come one after the other.
- There are some new rewards.

Have fun with the changes!

Best regards,
Your Magoia Team