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17. Mar 2020, 19:16

I can't play in gameroom for a few days, it say my session has expired. I couldn't log in yesterday to Facebook for your game but it turned out today that i can but only at the opera and firefox, when i try log in at chrome or firefox it shows this main image in the background and than i have a white screen. One of my friends have the same so i guess it's not my fault. Could you please do something about it?
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19. Mar 2020, 11:05

Hello Enderion,

the sad thing is, that we can't do anything about it at the moment.
The problem is on Facebooks and Googles side, so our only option is to wait it out.

But as you have figured out yourself: On other browsers than Chrome, it should work.
Sorry for the trouble!
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24. Sep 2020, 19:07

I had the same problem. Works in Firefox though, hope it will be fixed soon in Chrome. :roll: Thanks.
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