Update on January 22nd, 2019

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Update on January 22nd, 2019

Postby Eddard » 18. Jan 2019, 18:39

Dear players,

on Tuesday, the 22nd of January we have a new update for you!

Changed features:

Dragon Cave:
In the dragon cave you don't feed a dragon anymore but you give the shaman a present with fruits. Her fruit basket fills with fruits and when it's full, you'll get a dragon egg that you can take care of.

Dragon flight:
When you are done nursing a dragon and have sent it off, a wooden shield appears instead of the dragon, so you can immediately see that the dragon is traveling. There is also an animation above with a dragon flying. So you can see directly and everywhere whether a dragon is flying or not.

- When you send the dragon away and select the plant the dragon will bring, you can see directly how many dragon plants you already have. So you don't always have to check how many dragon plants you have.
- The sorting in the inventory will always be saved the way you set it unless you change the sorting of course. This means, if you always want to display the plants you have the least of first, this sorting is always saved.
- When planting, for example, as soon as you had a gold plant, you could no longer exchange puzzle pieces for this gold plant, but had to plant the gold plant first. You can click on the small cogwheel on the right after the update, you can then exchange puzzle parts again and don't have to plant the gold plants. If you click on the gear again, you get back to planting.
- From now on you can also extend the planting helper.

- A few small graphic bugs have been repaired.
- There was a snowflake next to the avatar that you couldn't pick up (From Seasons Event) The snowflake was removed in all seasons Events.
- The inquiry whether one really wants to spend water lilies was not in all places inside. Now the query, if you still have it on, comes to more places.

Have fun,
Your Magoia team
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