Update on March 21st, 2019

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Update on March 21st, 2019

Postby Eddard » 21. Mar 2019, 16:43

Dear players,

on Thursday the 21st of March we will provide you with an update! This update will contain the following features, improvements and bug fixes:

- Decorate your garden! From now on you can replace your well in the water garden with other wells. The new wells will be found in the Avatar system and are very special. Getting a well like this requires a lot of patience and love!

- The screens of the ranking list and the news have been improved and made more beautiful. For example, the text in the ladder now looks less squashed.
- When ennobling plants, there was a cogwheel, which has now been replaced with arrows, because it is much easier to understand and more beautiful.
- The energy chest was also changed a bit and designed more attractive.
- If you upgraded the gardener and didn't have enough of a plant or a brewery product, a kettle and a shopping basket were displayed at the bottom of the plant or brewery product. That was wrong and from now on the icons will take you to the right places. So with the plants you get to the desired plants, or with the brewery product (e.g. water potion 2) you get directly into the brewery to the water potion 2.
- At the moon event you can see from now on exactly how long it is still running.
- The design of the bonus packages has been improved and embellished.
- There is now a "Cancel All" button in the gardens. You can find it at the magic wand. So from now on it is possible, if you have missplanted something, to cancel all plants and to plant new ones.

Bug fixes:
- If you didn't heal your tree, it was still shown that you get a reward. This is no longer displayed.
- In the Browser Tab, where the time is, when the next plant is finished, sometimes wrong times were displayed. This is now repaired. The time display at the top of the bar is now updated more often and faster.
- At the summer event some suns were swapped. That is now also correctly set.

Best regards,
Your Magoia-Team
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