Update on May 9th 2019

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Update on May 9th 2019

Postby Gundohar » 7. May 2019, 17:12

Dear players,

on Thursday, May 9th 2019 we will release an update with many small improvements.


- From now on you can not only sort the monsters by elements, but also by potions, powders and herbs. For example, you can set to only display potions from the Water element. In addition you can now select several elements (as well as brewery products).

- From now on you always get a message when you have received something credited. This means, for example, that you get a message if you won energy or something similar at a forum event. There you will find the exact number.
Also with the purchase or the credit of water lilies you receive this message.
So you can always immediately determine if you have received everything.

- When selling plants on the marketplace it was sometimes extremely difficult to enter the exact price, because this was automatically changed to another number.
This has now been repaired and you can enter the correct price in a relaxed way.

- On the buttons in the plant school it was said until now that you research the plants, this text we have changed to unlock.

- You can now go directly to the plant school via the brewery and don't have to do this via the gardens anymore.

- After you have upgraded your garden, a feedback box will appear in the top left corner. There was an error with the image that should be displayed there. We fixed this and now the correct image appears.

- Two arrows in the tutorial were displaced, this was also fixed.

We wish you a lot of fun with these new changes!

Best regards,
Your Magoia Team
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