Update on 20th June 2019

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Update on 20th June 2019

Postby Gundohar » 18. Jun 2019, 17:10

Dear players

On Thursday, June 20th, Magoia will get another update!
The cloud garden will be upgradeable to the second level and we have some significant performance upgrades for you which will ensure the game to run faster and more efficient.


- Once you upgraded your water garden to the second level, you will now be able to do the same with the cloud garden. Just as in your other level 2 gardens you will yield one more plant for each field.

- We like to introduce another new feature: our Account sitting function. For example, while you are on vacation or otherwise occupied and haven't got enough spare time to play, you can allow someone you trust to run your account. The player who is managing your Account will be able to do so just by logging into his own. You can use the account sitting function for a maximum of 30 days a year


- Now it should be a lot faster to access the inventory and click around there
- There are new accessory layers, so you can dress your avatar with a lot more accessories at the same time. For example, you can finally wear both earrings simultaneously
- If you bought water lilies or the water lilies bonus package, you will receive a ingame message with information on exactly how much you have bought
- If it’s possible to spin the Wheel of Fortune for free you will see an icon on the island now
- The book of goals will now open always on the first page. Also, the green arrow will disappear as soon as you reached your goal and clicked on it

We wish you lots of fun with these new changes!

Best regards,
Your Magoia-Team
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