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25. Oct 2019, 17:18

Dear players, we have an update for you. This will be released on Tuesday, 29th October 2019.


- When you are in the inventory of the gold plants, the selected sorting was active. This has now been changed and the gold plants are always displayed according to the Gardens. This does not reset the selected sort for normal plants, but keeps it.

- If you upgrade the Cloudgarden and the Treegarden, this is also counted among the successes in the success system. Players who have already upgraded their Cloudgarden or Treegarden will be credited with the successes afterwards.

- Many improvements have been made to the performance of tree healing. It should now run better.

- With the witch the performance was drastically improved. Buying from the witch should be faster now.

Bug fixes:

- Sometimes there was a bug where players could get double energy from the energy chest. This bug is now fixed.

- When you were deleted and restored, there was sometimes a bug where you couldn't select a world. That's fixed now.

- Unfortunately, the error that the league allocation window was displayed twice still existed, but this has now been finally fixed.

- Sometimes it happened that in the dragon cave for example, pictures of the city were to be seen. This should now be fixed and no longer occur.

- If you can collect energy from the buildings on the island, only the Energy icon will be displayed again and the other icons (e.g. Harvest or Plant) will only be displayed when you have collected energy from the building or garden. This makes the city a bit quieter again.

Have fun with this
Your Magoia-Team
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