Update on February 2020

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18. Feb 2020, 23:05

Dear players, we have an update for you. This will be released on Thursday 20th of February 2020.


- The windows now open with a small animation. So the opening of windows looks smoother and more beautiful. If you have turned off the animations, this animation will also be turned off.

- If you don't have any more plants of a plant in stock to grow them, you were guided to the marketplace until now. From now on there will be a link to the shop instead of the marketplace.

- The arrows at the friends are moved down a little bit so that they don't cover fields anymore.

- The sorting in the brewery has been changed a bit. Until now the sorting was that first water, then light, then fire and as last wind potion/powder/herbal as shown. This has now been changed to the following order: Water, Wind, Light and Fire.

- The preferences in the garden with the monsters were confusing and not intuitive until now. This has now been changed so that you can immediately see which element is most effective against the monster.

- In the Dragon Lair, when you feed the dragons, the first thing you see is the fruit you have the most of. When the fruit changes, the different kinds of fruit are displayed, sorted by which you have the most.

- You can now remove friends from your friends list after only one day instead of seven.

- When healing trees, not only the remaining hours for healing are displayed, but also minutes and seconds.

- You can now also click on the book of goals if you have another window open. So you don't have to close the window to get to the Book of Goals, you can click directly on it.

- If you have no more plants of a plant and you still want to plant it, a window will appear in which you can go directly to the shop or the marketplace.

Bug fixes:

- Some minor spelling errors have slipped into the friendship bracelet query in the hut. These are now fixed.

Have fun with this new update,
Your Magoia Team
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