Update on May 12th, 2020

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9. May 2020, 10:35

Dear players,
we will publish an update on Tuesday, May 12th! Look forward to many improvements and bug fixes.

- In the brewery it was the case until now that if an ingredient was missing for a brewery product and you wanted to buy this plant by clicking on it in the shop, you ended up on the first page of Lara's shop. This has now been changed so that you can directly access the missing ingredient in the shop. So you don't have to search for it anymore.

- The text for the clan league classification said that all dragons are counted that were sent out. This text has been changed and it is now correctly stated that only the picked up kites count in the league classification.

- The Wheel of Fortune now has a question mark saying that you can only pick up the Water Lilies grand prize within one week and it will expire if you do not log in within one week.

Bug fixes:
- The friend monsters did not have a water lily query until now if you wanted to fight the monster with water lilies. There is now also a water lily query.

- The icon that showed how long the extra yield would last often had a longer number next to it instead of the days. This is now fixed and it only shows how long the surplus will last.

- It happened more often that the gardener did not work properly for some players on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This should now be fixed!

- It was possible to scroll to empty pages in the inventory. This was wrong of course and is now fixed and no longer possible.

- If you clicked on the pond in the rock garden, an empty window came up. This is now fixed.

- For some monsters, the power of the brewery products has sometimes not been calculated correctly. This is now fixed.

Best regards and have fun,
Your Magoia Team