Update on May 28th 2020

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26. May 2020, 16:15

Dear players,

on thursday, may 28th, 2020 we are going to install an update!

- The feedback boxes that appear when you harvest something, chase away a monster, or buy something from the witch will now disappear as soon as you leave the building where the feedback boxes appeared.

- In the dragon's lair, if you feed a dragon with fruit, from now on only fruits of which you have at least one in stock will be displayed. For example, if you have no more pear horn, it will not be displayed when you change fruits until you have some in stock again.

- If you want to plant dragon plants, there is a little info that dragon plants only bring XP and no yield.

- If you want to delete a friend from your friends list, you will be asked again if you really want to do so.

Best regards,
Your Magoia-Team