Update on June 24th, 2020

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22. Jun 2020, 17:05

Dear players,

we will publish an update on Wednesday, June 24th 2020! Look forward to many improvements and bug fixes!

- If you go to a friend's garden, after the update you will automatically go to the garden where you can still distribute clover. If you cannot give clover in any garden, you will end up in the water garden.

- You can no longer read or write messages when you are sitting another player’s account. The private messages are blocked. Furthermore, you can no longer read or write in the clan's chat and bulletin board.

- In the brewery you will now always get to the page you were on the last time you visited the brewery.

- On the island, the icons for harvesting and planting are only visible when the energy you get from each garden has been picked up. So if you didn’t pick up the energy from a garden yet, you will not see the icons that show you that you can harvest or plant in that garden. Only after you pick up the energy. This makes the island seem calmer.

Bug fixes:
- There was a bug that whenever you scrolled up from the clan's bulletin board to read something, you'd always be thrown down to the last entry. This is now fixed.

- If you could no longer distribute clover in a garden, gardens with finished gold plants and trees still said you could distribute more clover. This has now been fixed and it will only be there if you can actually distribute clover.

- For the World Tree, the display showing the players who healed their tree and who didn’t was incorrect. This is now fixed.

We wish you a nice week.
Your Magoia-Team